Frequent questions

What clothes can we wear? Can we put on costumes?

For the daily cruises beach wear is recommended, do not forget the swimming costume and the towel.
For the night cruises people normally wear evening clothes, as for going to a disco or a dinner.
For the Hen and Stag parties there is no problem about coming with costumes. It’s usual and funny.

Is the WIFI on board?

Yes, we have 4G connexion and free WIFI during all the cruise. Any member ofthe crew can give you the access password.
I get seasick. What happens if the sea is rough?
The sailing is restricted to inside the bay, which guarantees a very calm sail.

And if it rains?

The boat is protected by a cover which allows you to enjoy the sailing regardless of the weather conditions.

When can you order the drinks?

From the beginning to 5 min before docking, you can order your drinks.

What days do you offer for Hen or Stag Parties?

We normally reserve Saturday nights for these Parties. If you prefer another day, ask here.

What kind of music do you play on board?

The professional DJ has a large collection of music of all the periods to liven up any party and to guarantee a full dance floor. Or arrange a play list with the DJ to suit your taste.

We are not a Hen or Stag party, can we join the party?

Of course! On Saturday nights all kinds of groups get together for all kinds of celebrations: birthdays, corporate parties, sports events, singles, couples…and all there, to have fun.

How many guests can fit on board?

The maximun capacity is 115 passangers. This includes the organizers, guides, entertainers, etc. That means all people over 2 years on board, not including our crew.

How long can tne Barca Samba sail?

We are allowed to sail 24h a day, during the day and the night.

Where does the boat sail?

Normally it sails inside Palma’s bay. In case of an exclusive charter, the client can choose the desired area to sail. The only limitations are the hired timetable and ocassionally the sea conditions. In any case the captain, knowing well all the area, will be able to advise you where to go according to your preferences.

What about if we have bad weather?

If we have rough sea we can always sail inside the protected waters of Palma’s bay. If it is at night it won’t affect at all to the great exit of the event. If its is during the day, with bathing plans, the captain will decide if it is possibe or not to sail reaching a protected place. If it’s not possible to sail, the client will decide to sail inside the bay or to cancel the cruising. In that case, the money paid will be given back except the part of the catering. However, the food can be served on board with the moored boat or maybe at another place wished by the client.
If it rains there is no problem as the boat, including the upper deck, is all covered with tarps and plastic, transparent curtains.

Can we extend the hired sailing time?

Once sailing, if the clients want to extend the charter they have to ask to the captain who will say if it’s possible or not and will inform about the prices. It will always depend on the boat’s programm for that day. Clients should ask for the extension one hour ahead ending the hired cruise.

Is the WIFI on board?

Yes, we have 4G connexion and free WIFI during all the cruise. Any member ofthe crew can give you the access password.

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